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bernanke speaks sparking a new all time high for the dow. in todays cover story....ipo city. hear what new stocks are rolling onto the market in the biggest ipo week of the year. an unbelievable case of whodunnit. the fbi cracks an art robbery dating back to the 90's. but the price of the art is causing controversey. plus...classics make a comeback. how disney is making money in its revisit to the land of oz, and more. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas good's thursday, march 21st.i'm angela miles. in today's first look:
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the dow hit a fresh high on the fed. the blue chips rallied to 14, 547 following the fomc anouncement that interest rates will remain unchanged. the market also shrugged off concerns about cyprus. in the end the dow gained 56, nasdaq up 25, s& p goes for 11 points,gold down 6 and oil up a $1.08 oracle shares took a hard hit last last night, falling around 5% after missing on revenue. and according to a report.. cvs requires its workers to disclose their weight when applying for health insurance or pay a $600 fine for coverage. the company says its insurance program is evolving. joe cusick of optionsexpress joins us now and talk about some fallout from the fed. the market had a rally going and was able to hold on to that rally. what do you think is likely to happen today? will there be follow through? > >it's gonna be very interesting. we're going to watch that existing home sales number because as you know and
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as we always talk about housing as a very large component to this recovery. the fed did speak. they're using one of the measuring sticks of how they're gonna keep this liquidity going which is unemployment. that 6 and a half percent mark is where we're looking. we are not there yet by any means but again, we're gonna watch that existing home sales number coming out this morning and see if that's gonna be a catalyst for further upside because the housing sector has been and was very active yesterday and we're gonna see if that continues today. > >what do you think about oracle? the company missed on revenues. > > yeah, they actually missed on software licensing and that's a very important part because that's where the growth was coming in previous earnings. and also it looks like a byproduct of what's going on in europe and in asia. especially in europe where, again, they have a lot of diverse offerings other than the clout. and those earnings got hit over there because obviously we keep getting the headlines out of the eu and that impacted oracle and they missed. > >and as a matter of fact,
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cyprus is maybe moving to the fromt burner today do you think now that the fed is out of the way? > >i think cyprus is just a headline at this juncture. i think it's something that you respect but i don't think it's gonna be anything as far as a catalyst to the downside. i think what's really gonna be the catalyst right now is that if we don't start seeing new money continuing to flow in other than what the fed is producing and putting out there then you're gonna start getting people a little bit more potentially concerned. and the reason why i say that is the bond market has continued to hold firm or even uptick in this environment so we're not seeing that capital that is so vested in that market move into the equities. so we're gonna keep an eye on that. > >thank you jeff. fed chair ben bernanke made note of some economic strides -- following a two-day fed meeting..... bernanke told reporters there have been improvements in the labor market, and moderate economic growth. he adds, the bond buying program will remain in place, until there is a larger drop in unemployment. but when we see that the conditions -- or the situation has changed in a meaningful way, then we may well adjust the pace of purchases in order to keep the level of accommodation consistent with the outlook and, secondly, to help provide the markets with some sense of progress -- how much progress is being made so that it can make better judgments.
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bernanke avoided commenting. whether he will stay on for another term, only stating he talked to president obama about it "a bit." and regarding cyprus, the fed chair calls the situation "difficult" but not a risk to the u.s. financial system. now onto the situation in cyprus... the country needs $7.5 billion dollars asap. and it might not come from the ecb. yesterday, the european central bank reportedly signaled it's prepared to cut off funding to the mediterranean island -- causing a financial meltdown. a rescue could still come from russia or bank bondholders. cyprus has a supersized banking system often used by russian's to house money. it's a busy week for companies launching their initial public offerings...such as model n-- which rocketed up in value from the outset. in all---eight i-p-os this week---about seven more than the number last week. our cover story takes a look at why now. (ring-a-ling) from the opening bell, "model n" took off like a racehorse. in the tradition of silicon valley helping businesses run better, "model n" develops software that allows companies to manage different revenue streams as one. "it's trading at 33% higher than it's ipo price of 15-and-a- half." model n raised 100 million dollars in its ipo.
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four other companies went public wednesday..including smart grid company silver spring networks and xoom, an online money transfer service that competes with western union "it's a great story, money transfers to and from mexico and asia--it's a booming market." why are so many companies going public? a lot of people say it's timing. "when you have a market at or near record highs, it's going to encourage ipos." through last week, jim krapfel at morningstar followed 23-ipos this year. that compares with 27 for the same period last year...and 23--the year before. but there big ones poised to go public. among them-- twitter, which turns seven-years-old today and pinterest. "dropbox, spotify, nieman- marcus, hilton, could file in the next few months and go public this year." on the ipo calender today, marin software, a cloud-based digital advertising firm is scheduled to offer seven million shares at between 11 and
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13 dollars. boeing is under pressure. all 50 dreamliners are stuck on the ground due to a battery problem, now, airlines that own the jets want money from boeing for the trouble. ana out of japan wants the compensation to come in the form of cold hard cash. air india reportedly wants the same deal. whether boeing will offer compensation to carriers is up on the air. the sec is keeping an eye on "exotic expenses." the agency is now tracking how much hedge funds charge their investors. its a rule that was implemented under dodd-frank regulation. expenses such as travel and entertainment are being watched to make sure they are "reasonable." it's a done deal for mf global customers. jp morgan chase is agreeing to return money they lost when mf global collapsed in 2011. full screen jp morgan will return $546 million dollars to customers. however, $1.6 billion was missing from accounts.
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broll mf lost the money in on bad trading bets on european debt. clients included farmers and ranchers. freddie mac is going after big banks. the agency is suing some of the world's largest banks for interest rate rigging. the suit says mac lost out on gains after banks allegedly rigged the benchmark rate. bank-of-america, citigroup, j-p morgan, credit suisse, deutsche bank and u-b-s are being sued. this is the first government backed lawsuit of the libor scandal. meanwhile, fannie mae says its "weighing the possibility of a lawsuit." in france-- police searched the home of imf chief christine lagarde. investigators poked around lagarde's paris apartment for clues about her role in compensation paid to a french business man reports say lagarde is accused of giving him preferential treatment in deal/ she denies any wrongdoing. solar panel company suntech has declared bankruptcy. after defaulting on a large payment to bondholders, banks have pushed the company into
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bankruptcy court. a glut of competition in the solar panel industry hurt prices, and contributed to the companies' collapse. its stock currently trades near 59 cents. among stocks sensitive to what's going on with the economy... fed ex shares hit a road block with investors-- falling-- more than 7 dollars yesterday.. after the company revealing profits fell 30% last quarter wtih weakness in asia. the company also pulled back on its full year forecast. shares of caterillar lost more than a dollar. the construction equipment company said sales of its machines are down 13%. homebuilder lennar attracted buyers as the stock rallied $2 as the company reported its well positioned for this year and next. monster energy is changing the way it markets its products. energy drinks will now be classified as a "beverage" -- instead of a "dietary supplement." under the switch: monster will no longer be required to inform regulators about reports linking its drink to injury or deaths. rockstar energy made a similar
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move. energy drinks are under intense scrutiny after a 14 year old girl died after drinking two cans in one day. as for the tobacco industry.. graphic images of diseased lungs will "not" appear on cigarette labels. the government has dropped its push for such warnings on packages and will go back to work to create new anti- smoking ads. since launching her line of japanese yam-based noodles, terri rogers has served up success pretty well. her product, "the no-oodle" is now in 15-hundred stores coast-to-coast. and sales last year topped the previous year's totals by 600-thousand dollars. but rogers success has also come with valuable lessons. "to have a product that has a shelf-life of 40-days is too short. so we're going to come out with a product that is shelf-stable for two years." rogers is a self-taught chef and chicago-based entrepreneur. this week, crains small business forum honored rogers for using the 'ol noodle. meanwhile, americans are said to be struggling with a dining dilemma. data from knapp-trax
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shows sales at restaurants this year are the lowest since 2010. the firm says americans are eating out less as they deal with less money in pay checks from the payroll tax increase plus higher prices at the pump. still to come they go with what they know....could a new spin on classic films help generate profits. thats later in movies and money. but first... how an art heist from the 90's is making headlines once again. more on that next with bill moller. this neighborhood sure has changed a lot over the years.
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you know there was a time when people like me couldn't live here. i'll never forget being told i wasn't welcome in this neighborhood. well i own this building now, the fair housing act made a difference for someone like me. so i can choose where i want to live, free from discrimination. glad you could make it, right this way...
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the 1990 cunningly executed thefts of 13 works of art from the isabella stewart gardner museum in boston. works by degas, vermeer, manet, rembrandt - the value? they say around a half a billion dollars & the fbi doesn't forget they say they know who did it &
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expect the case to soon be resolved. let's talk with jonathan sazonoff, you consult on art thefts & have 1 of the largest data bases on the planet associated with stolen art. 500 thousand dollars, you say nowhere near that much. > >people always inflate the figures on these. i've seen figures as high as 2 billion dollars but if you really run some numbers its about 135 million. > >the statute of limitaions has run out. the crooks can't be prosecuted unless they're found in possession of these works. what's going on here? > >they're just trying to flush them out seems that every anniversary they try to get the public interested in this. art theft spurs the imagination of so many people out there that they're looking for leads. > >these are gorgeous pieces and its interesting how the museum has left these spaces bare where the paintings had once been. why were these stolen in the first place? how do you sell these kinds of stolen works? > >there are several theories on that. some have opined that it might have been trying to use them as bargaining chips in criminal matters to try and reduce sentences because it has
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worked in the past. others have claimed that it is being used as poker chips or bonds in criminal enterprises. if you're moving aroubnd large quantities of drugs or something--you have a million here and there---you might as well just have a painting. > >jonathan, from some of the people you have talked to and from your informed intuition about all of this, do you think that somethings gonna happen? they're gonna make some arrests or these works will be back on the walls of that museum in boston? > >i think they're gonna come back. if not now, sometime. there are leads all over the world but the lastest thing from the fbi claims that they were in new england all these years. > >they've got billboards up trying to find these things and find the thieves. > >they claim that they were seen in philadelhia and connecticut and they think
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someone out there talked to someone and wants someone to talk. > >as we say, stay tuned. jonathan sazonoff thanks so much. > >thank you. still ahead we'll go behind the oz tops the box office worldwide... thats next. i wanted to be in the military since i was a kid.
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i served in the united states air force. i served a total of 16 years. i was deployed 13 times.
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on my second deployment four bombs hit my vehicle. and at 19 years old, that was the first time i ever saw somebody die. coming back, i was raging. i started having pretty horrible nightmares. i would wake up in middle of the night sweats. i started drinking a lot. i felt worthless. i guess i never recognized it in myself. eventually, one day i just walked into the va hospital and said i'd like to see somebody. don't suffer alone. you've got to find that link with somebody that will make you let it go. it all starts with going to the va. there's a whole community of veterans that just want to help you out. it's for the guys who couldn't come back, you owe it to them to live well. because they're not here with their families.
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disney ceo robert iger is
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focused on films based on popular characters to generate profits and so far its working. eric childress our movie guy is here to talk about the films and of course "oz the great and powerful" disney film and doing not so bad so far. > >it's the number one film of the year both domestically and internationally. it is kind of a glass half empty half full situation though. it is obviously taken box office numbers but it is a film budgeted over 200 million dollars so its gonna need about another 240 million dollars just before it starts seeing a profit. obviously dvd and toy sales are going to be fine, but that's what we're looking at right now. > >what do you think about iger goiing for these beloved characters that people know? > >it certainly makes it easier to market, doesn't it? > >absolutely. > >i mean, everyone knows what oz is. we just had wreck it ralph last november that made a lot of money that people were familiar with the video game characters. next year you have angelina jolie starring as another one of their cartoon
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villainesses. so obviously the marketing is very easy that way. > >here are the numbers from last weekend at the box office: > >warner bros. had two films in the top five there but the continuing theme is that warner bros is having a really horrible year. 'burt wonderstone' is the smallest budget of all their disappointments this year, only 30 million dollars. but a 10 million dollar opening is not good. it's the fifth straight disappointment for them. it's not nearly the bomb that people are claiming it to be. compared to their other films---'jack the giant slayer' was supposed to be this year's 'john carter' but you gotta watch warner bros. because it's not a good year for them. > >and here's what we have to look forward to this weekend at the box office: 'admission', 'the croods', 'olympus has fallen', and 'spring breakers.' and you say spring breakers is the one to watch and its ony opening on 1,000 theaters. > >it expanded its release from 600 to 1,000 screens this weekend. it did very well on limited release last weekend and this is a very hard r-rated film with a lot of violence and sex, starring selena gomez and vanessa hudgens, two disney pop princesses. this is not one if
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there are kids that are fans of them, do not take them to see this movie, though i do like the film. i think this film could post a very solid profit for a very small, very new studio. > >yes, just kind of a rogue studio. and the croods, a lot of marketing there. > >it's opening with about a wide of a launch as 'oz the great and powerful' did. fox and dreamworks are hoping for a big animated surprise. i think it will take number one from 'oz' this weekend and do pretty well. > >'olympus has fallen' you say miss it? > > it made me sick to my stomach. > >and admission could be a good film? > >it could be. it's getting some mixed reviews and a really great cast. i'm hoping it does well for tina fey and for focus. > >have a good weekend. > >thank you. just ahead. find out if traders think lulu lemon is turning into a down- ward dog of stock because of it's see through yoga pants? chart talk is next.
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chart talk is definitely worth sticking around for today. joining me now is matt cavanaugh of cmz trading. hello matt, let's get down to it. i want to talk about williams and sonoma. the company came out with earnings, it has nothing but positive comments to say and the chart looks really strong to me. what do you think? > >like you said, a lot of positive things coming out of williams and sonoma. it looks like their earnings were pertty good. they announced that they're raising their dividend which as you know everyone is chasing yield in this market. so that is another big boost to their stock. another thing that they are doing is repurchasing their own shares so they're doing a lot of things to try and increase their stock and it looks like their business is coming up a little bit so everything looks really good. as you can see, a lot of people are buying it. > >moving on to hewlett- packard. this stock has had its
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ups and downs. last night there was a shareholder vote. what do you think is in store for this stock matt? > >it's tough to say. it's been a story that has been all over the map like you said. we talked about it last summer. nobody liked this stock. it was $12-13 a share and we said hey there is some value here. now fast forward it's trading $23 and looks like things are turning around. this is just one of those stories. it has been a bumpy road, they've gone through a lot of ceo's so we'll have to wait and see what happens but there is value in the brand name and looks like they aare turning things around but i would be really careful about getting in here. > >and lululemon, the company that is quickly finding out that transparency is not a good thing when you're talking about yoga pants. the stock lost some money this week. but what do you think overall? will it win back wall street? > >in y mind, this is a great company, a great brand. a little bit quirky but people are so loyal to the company. they make a great product and it has come off a little bit---maybe about 15 percent, 7 or 8 percent since this has come out. the real question is is this a
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buying opportunity or this the start of a bigger issue? they have had some supplier issues. something to definitely keep an eye on but i would watch the stock here. i would like to see a little bit lower but i think any chance you get to get a stable brand on a selloff you probably do. the only problem with lulu is that it's a little bit expensive. this is a company that's growing and really the sky is the limit for them if they can execute and hold off their competitors. > >thank you matt. we are out of time for today.. coming up tomorrow a traders unplugged you won't want to of our viewers will try to stump the guys with "her" bonus round and see if "you" know the answer!thank you for watching today.from all of us at first business.. have a great thursday!

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